Artist Statement

Contemporary paintings for hospitality, corporate, and residential setting. Adding Beauty and Joy to any location.; Art for feeling good and moving forward. Art a true  friend enhancing your life and supporting your dreams, honoring who you are, knowing and showing  that life is  and can be beautiful and special. Give it a try.


What is Art?


On behalf of my art it is the expression of my love that I give to this world through the tools of colour and form. It is the expression of my understanding, my feelings, my views of the world running through my pure divine essence, running through my fingers into the tools in my hands and from there to the canvas where I give them the freedom to be whoever they want to be. We might think that painting is a quite static art and therefore many artists nowadays express through videos. I totally understand that. Nevertheless I believe that even a painting can change its energies on an unseen level and when the spectator changes he or she might see the painting in different ways and discover more especially in my abstract paintings where I  bring in a lot of layers and many forms of different kinds like human forms or faces that are not visible in the first moment. All paintings are infused with love and therefore have a good effect on the spectator.