I am born in Austria a country bridging Western Europe and Eastern Europe It is no accident that I am born in such a country as I am, feel and am seen as   a   Bridger between people of different ethnicities, cultures and religions.  To express myself through all forms of art was always my soul’s deepest urge that I followed in different ways. My whole childhood I did ballet and studied classical piano at the Vienna Music University. As a child I also lived one year in Italy which was the foundation of my love for this country and all Romance Languages. After high school I studied nevertheless macroeconomics at Vienna University and got my diploma as Mag. Res. Soc. Oec. After working for two years in a bank I was called again by art as I met Prof. Josef Maria Svoboda who taught me oil painting which I adored since having been portrayed myself at the age of 7 by a Croatian painter. That  was the base of my  love for these miraculous, pasty brilliant colours whose linseed-smell  is positively engraved in the memory of my olfactory sense.