I DECIDED TO CALL MY ART: FEEL GOOD ART because this is my main intention. Through what I have recognized and experienced and seen about life and the way this world is going I came to the conclusion that what we really need is to step out  of the negativity of the usual so called reality that we actually create constantly ourselves( as it is allready wellknown and nothing new anymore) and therefore nothing is written in stone but depending on us and how we feel which impacts how we vibrate and what we create. Why do we create such horrible stuff? I think one main reason is bcs. we do not understand the main , essential things about creation counsciously and therefore we get stuck in the whole negativity that we are constantly bombarded with and that makes us feel really bad, worried, anxious and fearful bcs. that is how we are taught to react normally. The thing is that we are vibrational beings and all these negative emotions lower our vibrations so that we feel powerless, exhausted, overhelmed even though I dare to say  we are an essential part of the

Creator intelligent counsciousness. I have always done art that one can say is uplifting bcs. that is how I am. But this time I would like to express my clear intention to help people through my art to uplift their vibration and connect to their higher reality and higher potentials. It is not about not seeing and understanding what is going on but as Einstein said – you cannot find solutions by the same tools you have created the answers. We will find solutions by stepping out of the horror of this world and seeing its beauty, its inherent unconditional love ( yes that exists), love and life without any manipulation- does not that feel really good just thinking about it? and its powerful endless capabilities to create and expand and only in this pool of forces, vibrations , we will find the solutions that are good for all and this  will lead to a world where only peace , freedom and joy can survive and all negativity will have to abide bcs. it cannot exist in a vibration of unconditional love and clarity. Therefore I would like to fullfill my part through my art and do FEEL GOOD ART. Thank you for reading and listening with the wisdom of your heart that is much wiser and bigger thatn you ever thought.

A big“ thank you“ to all my clients in past , present and future- to recall the illusion of time……